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An Open Letter to DATCP and the Wisconsin DNR

On (5/25/2012), the Larson Acre’s Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation of Magnolia Township spread hundreds of thousands of gallons of liquid manure tainted with harmful chemicals and hormones on to fields 1 mile from our family and our home.  The liquid manure was leaking and pooling around their hoses in various places.  The spraying was taking place near a small subdivision where children live.

We are concerned that the well and ground water in our community and on the nearby farms where many of us buy our organically raised food, could become seriously contaminated.

Not 2 hours after Larson Acres CAFO finished, it began to rain and continued to rain or 12 hours straight.  Below that depleted soil is sand.   There is nothing to keep the nitrate, manure and harmful chemicals from seeping directing into our ground water and wells.  This sort of excess nitrate and raw sewage in our water can easily cause miscarriage, illness among children and even kill people.

During the spraying, the air was making our eyes and lungs burn in our own back yard.  This begs the question, what is happening to the water?   Please test the well water and ground water at our home, at Larson Acres CAFO, at the farms and homes around them and at the nearby development which has many children playing not yards from the leaky sewage hoses.   I am very concerned for my family and other families’ and farmers’ safety and we don’t have the resources to determine whether or not we are safe.  This should be your top priority.  You cannot say trade, ag, or consumers are safe unless you test the water and air yourself.

Above all else, we and the caring, sustainable farmers from whom we buy our food need clean air and water.  Do not leave it up to the Larson Acres CAFO, please.  They are not in business to keep other agriculture, trade and consumers protected.  That is not what CAFO stands for.


Amelia and Nathan Royko Maurer