WI Supreme Court, here we come!

Two days ago, The Green Rock Citizens for Clean Water in Wisconsin urged State Senator Jon Erpenbach to demand the Governor declare a State of Emergency over Wisconsin’s water contamination issue.  1 in 4 wells in America’s Dairyland is contaminated with nitrate from agricultural runoff.  The people in my community who have had their wells tested are unable to drink their own water due to neighboring CAFOs and Conventional Farms.  Those of us east of the Mississippi live on a layer of fractured carbonate bedrock as part of a Karst landscape system, in other words, we live on a layer of rock that dissolves easily and allows water to percolate to the aquifer very quickly and very easily.

When CAFOs, mega-dairies, conventional and factory farm operators spread large quantities of liquid manure, chemicals or composted human manure – especially when they spread it on corn fields – nitrates and other contaminants can easily seep directly into the aquifers.  Nitrate is linked to several types of cancer, fetal death, blue-baby syndrome, reproductive dysfunction and stillbirth.    Nitrate is but one carcinogen in agricultural runoff that can be lethal and is costly to test for.  Ag runoff not only ruins local ecosystems, families and communities, it is also contributing to the destruction the Mississippi Delta and the creation of a “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.   Since 2004, the rights of townships and counties to place conditions on the permits of large scale agricultural operations have diminished, starting with the Livestock Facility Citing Law that was authored by megadairy owners and wannabes, and passed by a Democratic majority and Governor Jim Doyle.  Since then, the water in a township near my home as well as others across Wisconsin, has been declared unsafe.  The Department of Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is doing nothing but handing out more permits and refusing to even research the problem.  Don’t we fight other countries for abusing their people in such a tyrannical manner?  This is bioterrorism.  It’s conscious polluting.

People of Magnolia Township, WI, USA cannot drink their own water and have been fighting for clean water for 10 years.  They paid thousands of dollars for water testing.

The Green Rock Citizens for Clean Water are fighting in the WI Supreme Court Wednesday Sept. 7th, 2011 to reverse the 2004 Livestock Facility Citing Law that allows farms to operate and expand without any say from the surrounding communities at greatest risk for suffering the consequences posed by their agricultural runoff.  The purpose of this hearing is to challenge the constitutionality of the 2004 law and to win back the rights of Wisconsin’s townships and counties to place conditions on permits given to farms, factory farms and Confined Animal Feed Operations.

The hearing will be at the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, Capitol Building, 2nd Floor, East Wing at 1:15pm on Wednesday Sept 7th.

This hearing is not just for the concerned members of the Green Rock Citizen for Clean Water, but for all citizens.  Everyone eats and drinks food grown in the Heartland and Dairyland, and cows raised in and around CAFOs, megadairies and factory farms are drinking contaminated water.  We need you to be there!

The hearing # and name is 09AP608, John Adams VS Wisconsin.

See you there!


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