Water needs our help. Pure, clean, safe water needs our protection.

CAFOs are coming into Wisconsin.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are threatening our water.

We need your help. We need you to come together for a protest against CAFOs
early Monday evening, May 9, at the Craig Center of the Rock County
Fairgrounds in Janesville.

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is holding a hearing, starting
at 4 p.m., on a waste pollution elimination discharge permit to a CAFO owner
from Nebraska. The Tuls dairy with more than 5,000 cows will be its third.

The public hearing on the permit is a cruel hoax. The industrial dairy is so
assured of getting its permit from the state that it is already beginning to
build this massive industrial operation.

State agencies aren’t listening to us. Politicians aren’t listening to us.
Lawmakers and governors aren’t listening to us. Trade groups and lobbies
have their ear. Only money talks in ways that make them listen.

Power is in the pocketbook. Power is in protest. We’re calling for a boycott
against CAFO milk and CAFO milk products.

Help us draw a line in the fertile Rock Prairie soil at the state line. Help
us take the message for water protections to the people, to consumers, to
the streets. We need our cities to help save our countryside.

If CAFOs begin to proliferate in Wisconsin, we won’t be the dairy state.
We’ll be the manure state. We won’t be the pristine, scenic playground of
water parks and lakes. We’ll be the land of 10,000 manure lagoons.

Wisconsin’s highest nitrate pollution ever recorded – more than 20 times a
level EPA calls dangerous and unfit to drink – was tested at Norwegian Creek
in Rock County.

Scientists took these tests from the water just after the creek crossed
farmland where a CAFO was spreading millions of gallons of liquid manure.
The field tiles were polluted. Area wells were polluted.

Don’t let this happen again. Help us send a message to the people, a message
to consumers. Help us boycott CAFO milk. Help us keep CAFOs out of

— Nitrate pollution for Nebraska! Water protections for Wisconsin!

— Tell Tuls’ CAFO no!

Support the more than 12,000 Wisconsin dairy farms whose average herd size
is still about 100 cows. Stop the CAFOs with thousands of cows from flooding
markets with milk and depressing prices.

In the human bloodstream, nitrate can do to our brains and vital organs what
it does to aquatic and marine life in water. It starves the body of oxygen
and damages or impairs health. It can kill.

High nitrate levels in water and feed lead to reduced vitality and increased
stillbirth, low birth weight, and slow weight gain in livestock. Nitrate
water pollution has been linked to types of cancer. Nitrate concentration is
monitored in municipal water supplies worldwide, and in foodstuffs, to
prevent exposure of populations to harmful or toxic levels.

Yet in our countryside, in our well waters, in our creeks, streams and
rivers, nitrate levels are rising. For children, for health and safety, we
must protect our water. No substance is as vitally important as clean water.

On the evening of Monday, May, 9, come stand with us at the old fairgrounds
near Janesville’s downtown. Stand with us to protect Wisconsin’s water.

Green Rock Citizens for Clean Water and Green Rock Audubon Society


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