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The Green Rock Citizens for Clean Water, or G.R.C.C.W. used to consist of a few small family farmers and citizens in and around the township of Magnolia, WI, who were fighting alone to keep Wisconsin water from being polluted by local Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operations (CAFOs).  Alone, they’ve fought 10 years through the courts and, at times, have paid legal fees with produce because that is what happens when small family farmers who put people before profit are bullied by factory farm attorneys.

Somehow, these good neighbors have toughed it out and are now, during the summer of 2011, headed to the WI Supreme Court.  By winning this upcoming case, they would set a precedent for all of us, state wide, to have our legal right to local zoning control over CAFOs developing, expanding and polluting our water.

***A UW Madison soil and water scientist of 25 years in Wisconsin called the CAFO nitrate pollution in Magnolia waterways and wells the worst she’s seen in her professional career.***

The citizens and small farmers of Magnolia have fought this uphill battle for us on their own. Now, they are appealing to us to join in and see this fight through to victory for all because our right to clean water is just that, a victory for all.  This fight is no longer just about a handful of farmers and Magnolia.  It’s about all of us in Wisconsin.  It’s about one of the few things we can’t live without and that no one should ever be able to take away,  clean water.

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  1. It is true that this has been a long and lonely battle for many years. We never thought when it started that it would last so long and still not be resolved. You can win in court but still not really win in the world because appeals drag the litigation on and the pollution continues. Our little band of neighbors has never had much money or extra time needed to wage the fight, but as our numbers have dwindled over the years those of us who have carried on are feeling a renewed hope as fresh energy, ideas, and enthusiasm join us now.
    As I look at the young faces of those listening to our story today I realize more than ever how important this is. Years ago it was my children and my home we were fighting for. Today it is so much more. My children are grown. I have a grandson. The future is what I’m fighting for. Clean water should rightfully be available to every person on the planet. There can be no life without it.


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